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  • hello! we are opening up commissions for cosplay props and flower crowns! we have 3 spots currently open!
  • please message us off anon to discuss commissions/pricing! we do not want to spam our followers with our commissions requests.
  • we are nice so don’t be shy we are happy to help you!
  • we can make cosplay props from any series. if we are unable to make prop for whatever reason, we will let you know 
  • we make custom flower crowns, any color, type or size we can make it for you!
  • please check out our commissions tag to see a bit of our other work 
  • you can message either me (jack) or 0mage-of-doom0 (matt) with inquiries! whoever you feel more comfortable talking to! 
  • it’s okay if you;re not sure if you actually want/can afford a commission to message us! we are not mad if you decide you don’t actually want a commissions from us this time. we are more than happy to take any of your questions.
  • we are fast and reliable!
  • we will not take forever to get your commission to you and are always open to talking to you about the progress of your commission
  • we accept paypal, or in special cases if you feel more comfortable with us listing the product for you on ebay we can do that too for you to buy it through that medium. <3
  • give us a try! we are really nice, i swear. :D 
  • please reblog even if you yourself are not interested in a commissions. some of your followers might be! thank you so much! 
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